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What is Public Relations?

Public Relations or PR is the practice of managing the awareness, understanding and reputation of a company or organisation. Physical newspapers and magazines were the coveted targets of PR professionals and while still valuable, attention in recent times has shifted to improving a a brands digital presence. It is often done in tandem with SEO strategy to maximise its impact.Most brands understand the importance of good PR but many avoid in favour of performance channels. However, this would be a mistake as good PR will generally have a strong multiplier effect on other channels.

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Why hire a PR Specialist?

Passionfruit Public Relations specialists can help your business to: - Understand current perceptions, opportunities and threats to your brand's public profile- Collaborate with SEO strategists to determine best plan of action for improving your brand's online presence- Write press releases and prepare information for the media

How we vet PR Specialists

We undertake a deep screening process to ensure that all our specialists are incredibly high quality and passionate about delivering excellent work.

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Filter the best

Each day, we receive a large volume of applications and handpick only the best marketing specialists to move onto the next stage of vetting.

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In-depth review

We then do an extensive review of each potential specialist's technical skills, experience, portfolios and references.

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We conduct an interview with each potential specialist during which we assess their fit for Passionfruit projects, professionalism and passion.

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Written task

Passionfruit candidates then submit a short written task which we use to assess their deep technical knowledge.

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Reference check

Passionfruit Specialists undergo a reference check with relevant past clients and companies.

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On-going monitoring

Passionfruit specialists are monitored on an ongoing basis during projects to ensure that they continue to deliver the  high quality service that we expect.

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PR Specialist

What is Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) is about managing and understanding the reputation of a company.

In the old days, managing the awareness of an organisation involved physical newspapers and magazines. Although these can still be impactful, our attention nowadays has shifted online. PR professionals focus on where most consumers can be found – the internet.

For any business, growing your online presence the right way is key.

That’s where PR fits in. It’s often done alongside an SEO strategy to maximise audience reach.

Why hire a PR Specialist?

Most brands acknowledge PR. Yet many choose to avoid it in favour of performance channels.

In reality, it’s the opposite. A good PR strategy boosts your overall results and generally has a strong multiplier effect on other marketing channels.

Here’s how that looks:

  • Strong brand recognition
  • Client referrals
  • Improved lead-gen
  • Higher search rankings
  • Increased organic traffic

It also helps you forge new relationships with wider audiences and get the support of relevant third parties.

These are only a few benefits of many that PR has to offer.

But one of the biggest of all is that it builds your authority, which makes your voice more influential in the industry.

What does a PR Freelancer do?

They respond to enquiries from various sources including media outlets and the press.

The tasks of a freelance PR consultant revolve around the public image of an organisation. So it’s their duty to help shape people’s thoughts, impressions, and feelings about the company’s mission including the values it stands for.

In case of a scandal or negative event, they’ll minimise it through effective management and crisis communications. 

It’s not only their responsibility to help grow your reputation. It’s also to protect and maintain the brand's reputation. 

PR Specialist responsibilities

A PR Specialist from Passionfruit can help you create momentum and get the ball rolling. That said, here’s what some of their responsibilities look like:

  • Understand the perceptions, opportunities, and threats to your public profile
  • Collaborate with SEO strategists to determine a plan of action to improve online presence
  • Prepare information for the media via press releases, articles, and social media posts
  • Pitch management of content and story ideas
  • Nurture relationships with external stakeholders
  • Support content creation and marketing strategies 
  • Measure the impact of PR campaigns

Marketing and Public Relations are two different things

Although there are similarities in some aspects, they’re not the same.

Marketing is focused on promoting a company’s products or services. The end goal is typically to increase sales revenue. In contrast, PR is focused on building and maintaining a company’s reputation.

One’s involved in advertising your business so that your target audience is aware of what you have to offer. Whereas the latter is more involved in influencing the way people think, feel, and view your company overall as opposed to the products themselves.

KPIs to determine the impact of your PR campaigns

Smart technology is used to track data and metrics. With that in mind, here are a few KPIs to look out for when determining the impact of your PR campaigns:

  • Media mentions
  • Tags
  • Impressions
  • Organic reach
  • Paid reach
  • Domain authority
  • Backlinks
  • Share of voice
  • Outreach

Another key aspect to look at is the sentiment of your audience. In other words, how are they speaking about you? In what light do they see your brand? If there are negative connotations, it’s worth addressing them and carefully thinking about your approach. 

How much does a PR freelancer cost?

PR freelancing services could range from as low as £400/day to £550/day or more and they usually work 1-2 days a week. 

Costing depends on multiple factors such as skill level, years of experience, and the full scope of the project. Aside from monthly retainers being an option, they may charge on a daily rate, hourly rate, or on a per-project basis.

There may also be a service charge included.

How ORCA became BBC News #1 most-read article

Henrietta, a super-talented and PR specialist worked with ORCA gain momentum around their Series A funding round and the sale of the first ever quantum computer to the MoD.

Want to find out how ORCA went viral and became the most read article on BBC News in four weeks.

Read the Case Study

If not, that’s totally cool. Keep scrolling to learn more about how Passionfruit can be of service.

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The purpose of PR is to manage your public image.

Establishing your credibility and the perception of your organisation increases its value. Hence, it makes your brand more appealing to your target audience despite being in a competitive market.

Think of PR as the supporting pillar for your marketing strategy. It’s valuable for strengthening your brand and communicating your message to potential clients.

If you’re ready to get your story out there to the masses, let’s get started below!

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How we vet

Here’s how we vet the top 12% of PR freelancers

We’re picky about who we choose to work with. Only the most skilled and experienced freelance PR experts are accepted into our platform.

We undertake a deep screening process to confirm they’re both passionate about delivering excellent work and capable of getting results.

​​Here's our 6 step process for determining a candidate's eligibility.

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Filter the best

We receive applications from a range of digital marketers. All applicants are screened based on their experience, skills, and professionalism.

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In-depth review

Portfolios and work samples are reviewed before scheduling an interview to get a better understanding of their skill set. 

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We’re picky about who we choose to work with. Not many applicants get past this stage because we make sure they have what it takes to make a positive impact on your company’s growth. 

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On-going monitoring

Each project is monitored by us on an ongoing basis to ensure work is being delivered to the highest standard.

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Reference check

Applicants are requested to provide a list of references. We check in with past clients and companies they’ve worked with. 

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Written task

All those who pass the interview phase are now required to submit a written task to assess their technical knowledge and expertise. 

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When’s the Right Time to Hire a PR Freelancer?

It’s worth considering hiring public relations specialists if you’re getting a decent amount of exposure. Not only can they help you grow the popularity of your brand. They’ll help you maintain a consistent voice across all channels of communication. But, an adequate budget is required on top of established business goals.

Who Are PR Services For?

First impressions are key. This holds true for all companies, which makes PR applicable to almost all types of organisations. It can be for individuals, growing startups, or enterprise companies as it's vital to perpetuating a good reputation.

What Should I Look Out For When Hiring a Freelance PR Consultant?

Their professional skills such as communication and customer relationship management. Moreover, check their freelancer profile and track record to see if they've worked with a variety of clients in your industry. You should also be comfortable enough to have a clear space for discussion in full transparency. Fruitful client assignments in PR come from trusting your freelancer.

What Makes a Great PR Freelancer?

They excel at getting people’s attention through a compelling story. They’re great communicators and storytellers who know how to craft a hook that sparks interest and separates you from others in the industry.

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