Wall of Love

A compilation of all the lovely things our Passionfruit specialists, clients and potential clients have said about us. Because they were just too good not to share.

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"Gabrielle is phenomenal to work with! She’s extremely knowledgeable and a powerhouse at getting things done. She is a great addition to our team."

- Co-Founder, Thanks a Ton
"It was great speaking with Passionfruit. You seem so efficient and wonderful. "

- Head of Marketing & Communications, Stitch
"Thanks for being in my corner and valuing my work. Appreciate you guys."

- CMO & SEO Specialist
"Christopher is the best person in the world to work with. He's truly such a joy...We're getting insane traction there for a company with no funding announced in a brand-new space. It's been really great."

- PR Specialist
"I love the Passionfruit newsletter! I steal bits from it every week and get to pretend I’m the smartest person in the room."

- Head of Creator Monetisation EMEA, TikTok
"Courtney is terrific. She's amazing and she works so fast. She’s bold and pushes her point of view - Courtney is running on her own."

- Marketing Strategist, Miro
"I’ve worked with Passionfruit brand-side and had a really good experience, so you were the first company I thought of when I made the jump [to freelance]."

- Previously Social Media and Community Lead, Vira Health
"I really love working with you guys. Good team, good communication, good projects. All perfect!"

- Paid Search Specialist