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All our project matches are tailored to suit your individual passions and career objectives

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We vet our users thoroughly, so you know that you're getting briefed by companies that are good enough for your portfolio

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We're by your side on all your projects to make sure that if anything goes wrong, you're not alone

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Unlike other platforms, your time is your money. We don't take a percentage of your earnings.

Learn about Passionfruit from the freelancers who know best

We're here to make your life easier, here's what some Passionfruit freelancers have to say...

“I’m grateful to Passionfruit for setting me up with loads of really cool and exciting projects - you don’t get that much exposure in Manchester!”  


Paid Media Specialist

"Getting paid on Passionfruit is so easy…get paid on time, everything works. It's such a lovely feeling knowing when I've done the work I get paid for it in the same month."


Paid Social Specialist

"If I have a question, I have a person to talk to. Passionfruit brings strong value to the freelance world."


Art Director/Web Designer