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Passionfruit Drives Immediate Results for Getir's Marketing Transformation Initiatives

Passionfruit Drives Immediate Results for Getir's Marketing Transformation InitiativesPassionfruit sticker

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The Challenge

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The outcome
Passionfruit Drives Immediate Results for Getir's Marketing Transformation InitiativesPassionfruit sticker

Passionfruit Drives Immediate Results for Getir's Marketing Transformation Initiatives

Getir, a global unicorn in the fast-delivery sector, sought a fresh approach to managing their marketing department. With a strategic shift towards organic growth, it was Getirs intention to harness the power of new and emerging channels.

Boasting a strong full-time workforce, Getir were ready to adopt a new and effective strategy, shifting from the conventional reliance on full-time employees or costly agencies to incorporating a dynamic group of specialised freelancers.

Previously freelancers had featured in Getir’s team, but the constraints of solely relying on personal networks presented significant challenges in quickly sourcing high-quality talent. This limitation prevented freelancing from being a dependable, scalable option.


As soon as the conversation kicked off, there was an immediate recognition of the untapped opportunity available at Getir by activating fractional expertise. The decision to consider fractional help coincided with the maternity leave of the team’s Head of Design. Aware of the impending talent gap, Passionfruit, through a collaborative workshop session at Getir, were able to identify other marketing challenges beyond design.


A three-person freelance marketing pod consisting of one CRM expert, one Growth strategist and a designer to attend to the needs of Getir’s new acquisition: Gorillas.

  1. CRM Expert

Getir identified the urgent need for a CRM specialist who was an expert in using the Braze Customer Engagement Platform.

It’s common for companies in the food delivery sector to over rely on paid media. Getir were keen to draw out a more compelling organic strategy to save capital, a seasoned CRM specialist was crucial to optimise not only customer-first features, but leverage this new technology to showcase where immediate impact was being gained.

  1. Graphic Designer

Getir's design team was under-resourced (due to its current Mat-Leave cover), posing a potential threat of slowing their ability to continue scaling at pace. Passionfruit facilitated the integration of a design specialist to immediately alleviate the strain on the team. By activating a top-tier design specialist at two days/week, Getir were able to access top quality talent at an affordable rate. The specialist could start adding value from day one, skipping the slower ramp-up period often experienced with more junior full-time employees. 

It couldn’t have been more clear to Getir for the designer to work alongside the current team, and that the incoming specialist should be an added benefit to the company, as opposed to a potential new replacement.  

  1. Growth Expert

It was suggested to Getir that a multi-channel growth expert could be incredibly useful to drive acquisition efforts. Getir took Passionfruit’s advice and on boarded a seasoned expert at 3 days per week. This specialist would leverage various marketing channels to drive strategic growth and capitalise on emerging opportunities globally. 

Passionfruit's Approach and Immediate Results

Passionfruit responded swiftly, orchestrating the onboarding of specialists within 10 days, with the CRM Specialist beginning operations inside of a fortnight. This expedited process enabled Getir to leverage the expertise of seasoned professionals without prolonged recruitment timelines.

Passionfruit's specialists quickly earned the trust of Getir's team, driving up internal satisfaction and even coming into their London office 2 days per week. One of the specialists even brought in their dog!


Through Passionfruit's intervention, Getir witnessed immediate improvements in their marketing operations. The infusion of specialised talent allowed for strategic alignment, efficient resource utilisation, and accelerated growth initiatives. By establishing set working days for specialists, Getir ensured seamless collaboration while maintaining operational flexibility.

The success of this partnership underscores the efficacy of leveraging freelance platforms like Passionfruit to address critical business needs promptly. As Getir continues its journey towards profitability and global expansion, the foundation laid by Passionfruit's specialists positions them for sustained success in the dynamic market landscape.