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How Steve Increased Vromo's Free Trials by 20% in 6 Weeks

How Steve Increased Vromo's Free Trials by 20% in 6 WeeksPassionfruit sticker
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The challenge

The Challenge

Entering 2022 with a bang, VROMO, the #1 software for restaurant brands, wanted to implement Paid Ads within their marketing strategy but they didn’t know where to start. Initially they wanted to trial Google Ads but they needed guidance on which other platforms they should be testing. VROMO needed someone who was going to take ownership of the whole process: creating content, establishing tracking parameters and creating a reporting framework to track budget and performance.

At the time, VROMO were a small team and they were struggling to source and vet freelancers in a timely manner.

Shannon Keane
“Passionfruit came highly recommended and when we found out [Passionfruit] also vetted freelancers, we knew there was no risk involved!”
— Shannon Keane
Marketing Associate

The solution

The Solution

VROMO were introduced to Passionfruit. After meeting for the first time, Passionfruit created a clear brief and 72 hours later, matched VROMO with highly experienced Growth Specialist, Steve.

“Working with Passionfruit cut the time of finding someone in half…Steve knew exactly where to start. From the beginning, he felt like another team member!”

Steve, who already had tons of experience working with SaaS startups, hit the ground running. Within days, Steve set up and launched effective Google Ads and built a tracking system so VROMO were able to easily monitor their budget and results.

VROMO also needed help with content, so Steve created and executed a detailed content campaign and built lead classification workflows which efficiently reviewed and qualified leads when specific criteria were met.

The outcome

The outcome

VROMO were able to successfully measure the overall performance of their Paid Ads across multiple channels, using the performance dashboard that Steve built. They were able to see exactly which Ads were successful and how they translated into business goals and revenue.

After just a couple of months, VROMO’s traffic to the website increased by 20%. The amount of free trials started increased by 20% and demos booked increased by 15%. Without Passionfruit, these results would have taken over 6 months to achieve, but with help from Passionfruit and Steve (whilst only working one day per week), this took 6 weeks to achieve.

“Steve has been a great asset to the team. He communicates everything he is working on and is always thinking about how we can move forward. He really cares about what we do which is important for us as we are a passionate team!”

Working with Passionfruit allowed VROMO to find the perfect freelancer who took their Paid Ad campaign from non-existent to high performing in weeks rather than months.

We asked VROMO what their future plans with Passionfruit are…

“We are already looking at getting our next content project set up with a Passionfruit freelancer!”

How Steve Increased Vromo's Free Trials by 20% in 6 WeeksPassionfruit sticker

How Steve Increased Vromo's Free Trials by 20% in 6 Weeks