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How Will helped Nansen get to the first page of Google

How Will helped Nansen get to the first page of GooglePassionfruit sticker
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The challenge

The Challenge

For Nansen, one of Web3’s leading blockchain analytics platforms, increasing their organic traffic through search became one of their top priorities, given that most crypto-native folks were finding out about crypto through search and social media.

Like quite a lot of early-stage businesses, Ingrid, Nansen’s Head of Marketing, was running a one-woman show. She was handling everything to do with marketing, single-handedly.

Ingrid knew that to increase Nansen’s brand awareness, Nansen needed help from an experienced SEO expert.

The problem?

Nansen didn’t know how long it would take for them to reach the top tier of Google’s ranking, so recruiting a full-time hire didn’t make sense. Especially given how long it would take to source, interview and hire a candidate.

They needed a freelancer. And fast.

Ingrid Sia
"Will has been amazing - thanks so much Passionfruit!"
— Ingrid Sia
Head of Marketing

The solution

The Solution

Passionfruit connected Nansen to Will, an SEO specialist who had over 5 years experience. Before going freelance, Will was associate director for a major global agency and he previously worked for Clickstay, where he increased their organic traffic by over 75% in a few months. It was safe to say, Nansen was in good hands.

Will started off by completing a deep dive data analysis to understand how the Nansen site was performing. He discovered that although they were publishing high quality content, there was no SEO focus and they lacked technical SEO practices, meaning traffic to their site was low.

To help increase traffic, Will worked with the Nansen team to implement SEO-led technical changes. Will reviewed all existing landing pages and blog content and optimised them to drive more organic engagement. He also expanded Nansen’s keyword targeting with a targeted SEO content plan and created detailed content briefs.

The outcome

The outcome

Within two months, the Nansen ‘Gas Tracker’ dashboard jumped to page 1 from page 3, reaching over 18,000 new searches per month.

Working with Passionfruit and Will led to Nansen now ranking highly for a range of super-relevant terms, leading to thousands of new site visitors discovering their product every month.

The best part about working with Passionfruit? Will is still working with Nansen and has been for over 15 months.

Proof that hiring a freelancer, is sometimes more efficient, more effective and better-suited than a full-time hire.

How Will helped Nansen get to the first page of GooglePassionfruit sticker

How Will helped Nansen get to the first page of Google