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A Fractional CMO and team of freelancers increased's MQLs by 160%

A Fractional CMO and team of freelancers increased's MQLs by 160%Passionfruit sticker
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The challenge

The Challenge, a Series A Insurtech platform that uses AI technology to deliver fast & accurate claims decisions, have a roster of great clients including Zurich and Generali.

Still, they were looking to grow their sales pipeline and needed marketing support.

Prior to working with Passionfruit, had a marketing strategy in place that wasn’t particularly effective due to limited marketing resources. needed a holistic marketing strategy which would grow its pipeline. The strategy needed to be flexible and driven by speed to ensure changes were made quickly.

They also needed help increasing their brand awareness. Although prospects were problem aware, they didn’t know could be the solution to solve those problems.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, given that is a premium product selling to enterprise customers, they wanted the buyer experience, curated by marketing, to reflect the sophistication of the product. needed an experienced specialist who could take the lead, devise a comprehensive marketing strategy and execute the strategy effectively.

"Louise is one of the best marketers I’ve ever worked with. Her positivity, clarity and dedication are second to none. Our marketing has really improved in the 5 months we’ve been working together. We wouldn’t have come across her without Passionfruit!”
— Lawrence
VP of Sales,

The solution

The Solution were introduced to Passionfruit and within 3 days they were matched with Louise, a top-class Fractional CMO.

Previously, Louise had set up marketing functions from scratch and scaled businesses to unicorn status so she was the perfect fit.

To begin with, Louise conducted a marketing audit where she reviewed all previous marketing activities and marketing channels used. This allowed Louise to understand what was working, what wasn’t, what the challenges were, and where the opportunities lay.

From there, Louise devised a clear strategy made up of 4 pillars; brand awareness, generating an inbound funnel, lead generation programmes, and establishing clear systems and processes.

Each pillar required different marketing attention and tactics.

To increase brand awareness, and Louise worked with another Passionfruit specialist - content writer, Pascale - to implement an ‘always on’ content strategy. Pascale worked 1.5 days per week to consistently publish new blogs and guides. This increased website traffic and positioned as a thought leader, increasing the company's PR and media presence.

The website needed to be re-designed to further increase brand awareness and inbound leads. The original site wasn’t mobile friendly and their domain authority was super low. To improve the website quickly, worked with Passionfruit specialists Dario - a website expert - and again, Pascale, who wrote the copy for the new site.

For the inbound funnel, were using HubSpot but not utilising it effectively. Louise improved this by building email nurture flows to move marketing-qualified leads (MQL) to sales-qualified leads (SQL) quickly and regularly. In turn, this increased conversion rates. Louise also aligned the sales and marketing teams through clear communication and regular check-ins which was imperative for increasing conversions.

"[Louise] Thank you for all you have done for In a short period, you transformed our marketing through quite a few hefty projects and we already see the results!"
— Roi, CEO,*

The outcome

The outcome came to Passionfruit needing help with its marketing strategy. After 11 working days with Louise they had an in-depth marketing audit and an incredibly comprehensive marketing strategy.

On top of that, the marketing strategy had to be effectively executed, which it definitely was. Working with Passionfruit and Louise led to a 12% increase in site traffic in a mere 4 months (prior to the website redesign!). Overall, leads increased by a triple-digit percentage every quarter and MQLs increased by 160%.

If that wasn’t enough…Louise launched and managed four events which successfully acted as a lead generation magnet.

Louise achieved this all whilst working 2.5 days per week. And with the help of three other talented Passionfruit specialists; Dario (Web Specialist), Pascale (Content Specialist) and Lauren (Product Marketer). Lauren helped nail their value proposition and messaging to support the website relaunch as well as investor and client pitching decks.

With the help of 4 Passionfruit specialists, launched a new website and won a number of awards, including being selected in the Startups 100.

We know what you’re thinking…

Look at what a team of freelancers can do.

"I cannot thank Louise enough for the work she has achieved with us here at Sprout. It has been nothing short of incredible."
— Lawrence, VP of Sales,*
A Fractional CMO and team of freelancers increased's MQLs by 160%Passionfruit sticker

A Fractional CMO and team of freelancers increased's MQLs by 160%