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Peckwater Brands cracked the US Market by using Passionfruit

Peckwater Brands cracked the US Market by using PassionfruitPassionfruit sticker
Passionfruit specialist hired
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increase in lead conversions

The challenge

The Challenge

Peckwater, a delivery franchise for kitchen operators and the fastest growing virtual brand company in the UK wanted to ‘take America’. Peckwater knew what worked on English soil but needed a US expert to help construct and manage paid media campaigns to break the American market.

Peckwater were looking for someone super experienced who could hit the ground running and they needed that person, fast. They knew a freelancer was the best option.

After weeks of unsuccessfully searching, a colleague recommended Passionfruit as having ‘an amazing roster of freelancers.’ Enter the answer to their problems.

Aron Lewis
“Passionfruit removes the headache of interviewing and because the specialists are vetted, you know they are going to be high quality and calibre.”
— Aron Lewis
Marketing Lead

The solution

The Solution

In less than three days, Peckwater were introduced to Annie, a Paid Media specialist with over 10 years of experience. Annie was previously the Director of Paid Search at a global agency and had experienced it all.

As requested, Annie dived straight in. She immersed herself in all things Peckwater, understanding all aspects of the business. Once up to speed, Annie presented a marketing strategy with clear actions, targets and reporting methods.

After this, it was time to start testing different channels. In the UK, Peckwater was well known so paid search campaigns using Google performed well. Annie repeated this method in the US but because Americans were unaware of Peckwater or ‘virtual brands’, these ads didn’t perform particularly well.

Annie decided to launch paid ads on Facebook, a channel Peckwater hadn’t previously tested. Facebook allowed Peckwater to be much more creative with its ads and enabled them to target a whole new audience.

It worked.

Through consistent messaging and thorough testing, Annie found success. Launching different ads on different channels allowed potential customers to become familiar with Peckwater, trusting the brand more.

“Annie is really structured and strategic in her approach. We all love working with her” — Aron Lewis

The outcome

The outcome

The overarching goal for Peckwater was customer acquisition and reducing the customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Within two months, Peckwater saw results and after 6 months, the results were astonishing. Annie increased lead conversions by a massive 478% and increased conversion rates by 214%. And as if that wasn’t enough, Annie decreased Peckwaters’ cost per lead by 78%. Epic, we know.

“Although Annie is freelance, she really feels like part of the team. We speak multiple times a week, we slack most days, so Annie fits in seamlessly.” — Aron Lewis

Peckwater wanted to break America and working with Passionfruit and Annie made that happen.

In fact, Peckwater loved working with Passionfruit so much that they started working with an SEO specialist too. The benefits of working with freelancers are obvious to Peckwater; more flexibility, a quicker hiring process and incredible results. So, they plan on working with specialists when a full-time hire isn’t necessary.

“Passionfruit is a great solution for startups. Working with freelancers allows you to effectively have a marketing team that could have years more experience than a full-time hire for a quarter of the cost.”
Peckwater Brands cracked the US Market by using PassionfruitPassionfruit sticker

Peckwater Brands cracked the US Market by using Passionfruit