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How Pascale developed content that directly impacted Jolt’s enquiry rate

How Pascale developed content that directly impacted Jolt’s enquiry ratePassionfruit sticker

The challenge

The Challenge

When you're trying to attract new users to your platform, credibility goes a long way. Most of the time, early stage businesses have founders with real passion and conviction, but can struggle to communicate that to a wider audience. Finding a great content marketer is not easy - the biggest risk is that your efforts to come across as a thought leader leave you on the scrapheap of keyword-generated jargon. Octopus Ventures' edtech platform Jolt needed to find someone with the perfect blend of technical knowledge about their brand with editorial style that could produce content worth reading.

Oliver Beach
"Passionfruit made it incredibly easy for us - the whole process from briefing to delivery has been flawless."
— Oliver Beach

The solution

The Solution

Passionfruit connected jolt to Pascale, a content specialist with 5+ years experience working with Radish, Perchpeek and Paragon One, along with bylines in newspapers like The Times, The Telegraph and The Independent.

The outcome

The outcome

Working with Passionfruit and Pascale, meant Jolt was able to release a series of deeply thoughtful interviews with students that led to their applications on Jolt doubling.