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How Miro achieved a 500% increase in social media engagement through working with Passionfruit

How Miro achieved a 500% increase in social media engagement through working with PassionfruitPassionfruit sticker
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The challenge

The Challenge

Andrey Khusid wanted to help companies collaborate, connect and co-create in one space, regardless of their work environment. As a solution, he created a ‘virtual whiteboard’ that is now known as Miro.

Miro is one of the world’s leading visual collaboration platforms. They have 50 million users worldwide, more than 100 integrations with technology partners, and over 1,000 community and expert-built templates.

We know, incredible.

So what could possibly have been missing?

Their biggest challenge (and opportunity!) was not having a solid, up-to-date strategy for social media. Miro needed a Social Media Marketer with a fresh perspective to improve their systems and processes for content creation and engagement across socials to help them grow.

Ant Warne
"We needed someone exceptional, quickly - and the team and process delivered in a way that frankly, felt like magic. Working with Passionfruit to find key talent has been a real pleasure. Rather than a tiresome chore, the process is super fast, delightful in its simplicity and delivers extraordinary talent."
— Ant Warne
Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Miro

The solution

The Solution

Ant Warne, Miro’s Head of Integrated Marketing Communications, found Passionfruit.

After speaking with Ant about their pain points surrounding social strategy, Passionfruit matched Miro with Courtney, a powerhouse Social Media and Community marketing specialist.

Courtney previously worked for a productivity platform called Hugo, as Head of Social, Community and Marketing and for Skaled Consulting as the Director of Digital Presence. She had also grown a significant following across her own social platforms, with over 18,000 LinkedIn followers and 51,600 followers on TikTok.

At Hugo, Courtney created their social listening strategy initiative, influencer marketing program and organic social engagement program, all whilst growing the team from 1 to 10 in less than a year.

While working with Skaled Consulting, Courtney spearheaded the Digital Presence function, creating a new client offering and department, leading the department from $0 to $100,000 new revenue in the first six months.

As an experienced Social Media marketer and consultant, Courtney was comfortable enhancing and modifying processes following a value-led approach to content and strategy.

Courtney began working with Miro 4 days per week in September 2022 and she wasted no time in working her magic.

"Finding talent has felt like a commodity experience for a long while. Highly transactional. A volume game. Passionfruit changes that in a way I didn’t think possible. Moving at a pace no others match, before you know it you’re watching a custom video from a high-quality candidate.”
- Ant Warne, Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Miro

The outcome

The outcome

Eight months into her role at Miro (c. May 2023), Courtney increased engagement by over 500% and helped execute the top-performing organic campaign of all time. No big deal.

Courtney was able to encourage everyone from the CMO to the HR team to buy into the positive impact social media could and would have on Miro as a business. It went from something that was under-utilised to something that nearly all Miro employees confidently contributed to. This resulted in more creativity, transparency, and excitement around socials as a whole.

Not only that, but Courtney developed a social strategy that aligned with Miro’s brand messaging, company goals, and business outcomes — the strategy went deeper than growing followers or vanity metrics. Working with the brand team, Courtney also optimised their content and perfected their processes to crack the different social media algorithms.

Courtney didn’t stop there. Once this was set up, she took on new challenges. She tackled personal branding for members of the sales team, empowered Miro employees to contribute to social media content production and doubled down on community engagement.

Courtney was the perfect match for Miro. Her approach to socials not only resulted in immediate impact and quick optimisations but incorporated long-term planning, allowing for a continuous stream of results.

What could make this story even better?

Miro contacted Passionfruit to work with other marketing specialists to optimise their marketing team. Next up? They're looking for an Art Director and a Growth Specialist (to name a few).

How Miro achieved a 500% increase in social media engagement through working with PassionfruitPassionfruit sticker

How Miro achieved a 500% increase in social media engagement through working with Passionfruit