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How Maud defined Goodnick’s customer personas and crafted the language to speak to them

How Maud defined Goodnick’s customer personas and crafted the language to speak to themPassionfruit sticker

The challenge

The Challenge

Goodnick is a DTC healthcare brand aiming to solve fitness and wellbeing for seniors, and it's a unique challenge. This is not the typical group of people that marketers are used to building for; and to land their message effectively, deep user persona research would be required by someone that had proper experience in messaging across multiple customer segments. What's more: for a nimble and lean team, bringing a full timer on, with whole new salary on board, felt like a careless waste of precious capital for a project that would be done and dusted in a matter of months; if only they could find the right person for the task.

Harry Edmeades
"Thank you for all your work on this, it’s been great to have you on the project and we can’t wait to get it out to the world!"
— Harry Edmeades

The solution

The Solution

Passionfruit connected Goodnick to Maud, an award-winning copywriting specialist who splits her time between Madrid and Miami with 5+ years experience that has worked for Burger King, Twitter and Vogue. She did a deep dive into their customer personas before putting together a comprehensive copy strategy for them which covered every conceivable facet of their language and messaging; including copy for paid ads across all major digital marketing channels.

The outcome

The outcome

Clear and distinctive copy which meets the needs of Goodnick's initial customer persona as part of their brand launch. Goodnick were so happy with their refreshed copy that they came back to use Passionfruit for their brand strategy work with another specialist just a few months later.