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How Ledn built a flexible, high-performing team with Passionfruit and doubled their output for a fraction of the price

How Ledn built a flexible, high-performing team with Passionfruit and doubled their output for a fraction of the pricePassionfruit sticker
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The challenge

The Challenge

2022 was an unfortunate year for the Crypto industry. With increasing interest rates due to the COVID-19 Pandemic partnered with the crash of FTX, being in the world of digital currency was a struggle (to say the least).

And the story was no different for Ledn, a financial services company which strives to bring digital assets to life for Bitcoin and digital asset holders globally. With a challenging crypto climate, Ledn needed to re-evaluate its strategies and organisational structure to guarantee long-term success.

For marketing, this meant pivoting from an in-house model staffed by full-time employees to a model that leaned on freelancers and trusted agency partners. This was a big change and a significant challenge as they needed to keep the business growing, despite the restructuring.

So, they turned to Passionfruit.

“Using freelancers to help scale a business is a model I've always thought about. Obviously, market conditions were the push I needed to try it out. Passionfruit has been tremendous in helping to maintain our output. The most important thing for me was maintaining the quality of the output and, in some cases, I see our quality improving, which is fantastic!”
— Andrew
CMO at Ledn

The solution

The Solution

In less than one week, Passionfruit matched Ledn with Jaydon, an extremely versatile Graphics and Motion Designer.

Working on varying projects with a wide array of companies including Ledgy and ORCA Computing, Jaydon was well-versed in working with small teams. He knew how to get them off the ground at lightning speed. He could conceptualise brand and visual identity, and then see it through from ideation to production.

Jaydon was exactly what Ledn needed. In March 2023, Jaydon began working with Ledn for 1 day per week. Ledn were so happy with his results that they wanted more.

Next on their wish list? Not one, but two more specialists…

A Social Media Specialist and a Product Marketing Specialist. Passionfruit delivered again. In record time, Ledn was matched with Michaella for Social and Livia for Product with both specialists starting in mid to late April.

And guess what happened next?

Ledn wanted another Passionfruit specialist. A month later, in May 2023 they were matched with Will, an SEO superstar who recently took a different client from 500 organic monthly visits to 35,000.

"As we work through our strategic priorities, I'm always thinking about the structure and staffing model required to address the task at hand. Passionfruit is my "go-to" as the output I'm seeing from the team is outstanding." - Andrew Rapsey, CMO at Ledn

The outcome

The outcome

Working with Passionfruit made finding marketing freelancers so easy and efficient that Ledn couldn’t stop coming back for more.

At a time when Ledn was navigating significant market turmoil, Passionfruit was able to help them pivot and successfully execute their strategy. Through doing so, Ledn was able to maintain its marketing team's output and quality, whilst reducing operational costs by well over 75%.

Ledn has reduced costs and utilised Passionfruit to build a team that can work flexibly and drive incredible results. For Andrew, Ledn’s CMO, the current set-up is “perfect for where we are in our growth journey." Andrew leads all the marketing efforts alongside a team of Passionfruit specialists (and some key agency partners), allowing Ledn to consistently adapt and grow.

Where there are gaps in the marketing team or when marketing projects arise, Ledn relies on Passionfruit to help and Passionfruit delivers.

"Initially, I wanted to test the model to see if it could help offset some of the capacity challenges we were having after the restructure.  It worked so well with Jaydon and Michaella that I was all in on adding more specialists to help address gaps on Product Marketing and SEO." - Andrew, CMO at Ledn (June 2023)