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Lantum saw a 50% reduction in customer onboarding time in just 3 months, using Passionfruit

Lantum saw a 50% reduction in customer onboarding time in just 3 months, using PassionfruitPassionfruit sticker
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The challenge

The Challenge

Lantum needed help. The total workforce app, designed to reduce spend and empower healthcare staff had a big problem which was affecting their user onboarding.

It was taking too long for users (the healthcare workers) to be approved on the app. Because of this, they couldn’t access the platform. This meant Lantum were losing healthcare workers and more importantly, potential organisations who needed those healthcare workers’ help.

Lantum knew the best solution to speed up the approval process was to automate all communication with app users. This would allow each user to receive an automatic email specific to the application stage they were at.

And they needed all communication to be automated through HubSpot.

Lantum needed a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) specialist and one who knew HubSpot, inside and out.

Jeremy Bevan
"Natalie has been an absolute star for us in the year that we’ve been working with her"
— Jeremy Bevan
Marketing Advisor at Lantum

The solution

The Solution

Enter Natalie. A.K.A the HubSpot wizard.

After meeting the team and understanding the incredible impact Lantum has on the healthcare system, Natalie jumped at the opportunity to deep-dive into their CRM processes.

She ran a strategic workshop with Lantum so they could map out exactly when a user needed to be sent an email, based on where they were in the application process.

After she was clear on Lantum’s strategy, Natalie began building the automated email workflows in HubSpot. Once they were ready, she put together a reviewing process where the Lantum team were able to efficiently review all emails as they were sent out and monitor their performance.

Finally, Natalie and the Lantum marketing team launched the campaigns on HubSpot. Once live, Natalie set up a clear reporting system and trained the Lantum team on managing workflows and reporting on them independently.

Once this was complete, Natalie didn’t stop. She automated the entire customer feedback system through HubSpot, making the whole process more efficient and easier to use for users.

The outcome

The outcome

Lantum wanted to make a significant reduction in the time it took for users to be approved on the app. After they realised they didn’t have the capacity, they pivoted and looked for a different solution.

After three months of working with Natalie, they saw a 50% reduction in user onboarding.

Not only did they significantly improve their onboarding time, but by collaborating with Natalie, they also managed to reduce the time spent on user verification by two days per week.

All through automating the onboarding process.

And even better? The team became more confident using HubSpot and went from not knowing how to use it, to becoming real experts. Natalie’s expertise and active team training allowed Lantum to begin to build out its CRM processes, setting the company up for even more success.

“Passionfruit takes the hassle out of freelancing.”
— Natalie, CRM specialist