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Klaviyo's Strategic Expansion into France with Passionfruit

Klaviyo's Strategic Expansion into France with Passionfruit Passionfruit sticker

The challenge

The Challenge

The solution

The Solution

The outcome

The outcome
Klaviyo's Strategic Expansion into France with Passionfruit Passionfruit sticker

Klaviyo's Strategic Expansion into France with Passionfruit


Klaviyo, a leading marketing automation platform, recently sought to expand its European footprint post-IPO. Headquartered in Boston, Klaviyo aimed to penetrate the French market using a data backed product marketing approach. Passionfruit entered the equation to equip their 15 person product marketing team with a more segmented and localised strategy, using one of our specialists to tap into the unique dynamics of the European market.


Talent Acquisition Growing Pains

Since its IPO, Klaviyo has struggled to maintain its previous scale-up speed, facing challenges in quickly attracting and integrating top-tier talent.

Market Entry Strategy

Entering a new market required comprehensive insights and a nuanced understanding of local buyer behaviour and competitive dynamics.

Operational Continuity

The departure of a key resource created a need for a seamless transition without disrupting ongoing marketing operations.


Expert Talent Matching

Klaviyo were keen to meet several specialists with deep expertise in B2B product marketing especially those who had experience working at a CRM platform. Livia, with her experience at Bloomreach, was selected due to her proven track record and local knowledge of European markets.

Strategic Research Focus

A robust research initiative was launched, providing Klaviyo with a competitive analysis and a detailed market entry strategy for France, ensuring minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations. Livia was on hand to ensure Klaviyo’s success in the French market.

Seamless Integration and Support

Livia quickly joined their company Slack, maintaining constant communication with stakeholders in Seattle and the Boston office. Passionfruit managed the engagement process, ensuring smooth project execution and client satisfaction.


Considering this project is currently active, we are continuing to gather more information from both Klaviyo and Livia as to how the piece is being put together. Having said that, here are our results to date:

Market Intelligence

Klaviyo have received a comprehensive competitive matrix, which in turn will enhance their understanding of the French market as they look to drive growth.

Enhanced Localised Strategy

The insights have led to a refined product marketing strategy that is sensitive to regional nuances, significantly boosting Klaviyo's market penetration efforts.

Client Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency

The collaboration continues to be highly valued by Klaviyo, praising the seamless process and the quality of insights currently delivered within this short timeframe.

Key Learnings

Local Expertise is Key

Employing specialists with local market knowledge and niche but perfectly suited experience meant that Klaviyo could improve their market entry strategies.

Speed Quality Matrix

Quick matching, onboarding and the ability to efficiently integrate specialist talent allowed Klaviyo to quickly dive into a market expansion opportunity


Passionfruit's strategic partnership with Klaviyo exemplifies how targeted expert talent can drive successful market expansion. By aligning Klaviyo's objectives with Livia’s expertise, Passionfruit has not only facilitated a deeper understanding of the French market but also ensured operational continuity and team satisfaction.