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How a growth specialist helped Hirestreet increase their overall transactions by 78%

How a growth specialist helped Hirestreet increase their overall transactions by 78%Passionfruit sticker
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The challenge

The Challenge

After working with a marketing agency who were pretty unresponsive, Hirestreet, the UK’s leading fashion rental platform, wanted a change. Hirestreet wanted to see more frequent and valuable results from their marketing spend. They also wanted someone who could quickly take control of their paid ads, activate and optimise them.

As this didn’t require a full-time role, Hirestreet knew a freelancer would be more efficient and cost-effective…

“Cristina is super responsive to feedback. She works really quickly and is keen to test new ads”
— Rosie
Hirestreet Lead

The solution

The Solution

Hirestreet reached out to Passionfruit and in less that 72 hours, they were matched with Cristina, a Growth Specialist. Cristina had tons of experience growing B2C brands including Deliveroo, Oak Furntiureland and Lycamobile. She had experience handling small to large budgets, so was the perfect fit.

Cristina knew exactly where to start. Within one week (working 1.5 days a week), she had totally changed their account structure for their Google Ads and Facebook Ads to make them perform better.

The outcome

The outcome

Within two months of working with Hirestreet, purchases through Facebook Ads increased by 147% with a small increase in spend (4%). Purchases through Google Ads increased by over 700% again, with a low increase in spend and there was a 45% increase in conversions.

Overall, after two months of working 1.5 days a week for Hirestreet, there was a 78% increase in overall transactions and a 39% increase in revenue.

Hirestreet loved the Passionfruit process and how easy it made finding top-quality specialists. So, they did it again and started working with a Passionfruit PR specialist alongside Cristina.