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How Cosmo designed a brand that Kokoro could be proud of

How Cosmo designed a brand that Kokoro could be proud ofPassionfruit sticker

The challenge

The Challenge

Any marketer knows how hard it is to gain salience the first time around, let alone when you need to do it twice. When a brand needs to rearticulate what they do and how they come across, it's essential that their rebrand is done properly so it can last indefinitely.  

Mental health platform Kokoro needed a new brand identity for their relaunch and, to make matters worse, their small internal team had already been burned by a boutique agency that kept trying to overcharge them despite the low quality work that they were delivering.

Jules Chappell
Thanks so much again for your support Passionfruit. It has been great working with Cosmo. We are really pleased and grateful."
— Jules Chappell

The solution

The Solution

They certainly didn't need someone to join full time: they simply wanted access to a true brand identity expert that could come in and deliver a new look and feel affordably, reliably, and brilliantly.

Passionfruit connected Kokoro to Cosmo, a multi-award winning brand design specialist with 10+ years experience working for UK Parliament, Aston Villa FC and WSTRN.

More than being qualified for the role, he was personally excited about his work having such a big impact in this hugely important space.

The outcome

The outcome

Cosmo embedded himself in the Kokoro team, not just working with marketing but product and customer success too, to ensure he understood the essence of the platform.

They set out to create a new visual language for mental health action. One of optimism and action. The identity, inspired by the impact and action of manga comic books, boasts a masthead-like logotype, impactful typography and a motion based visual language built around the idea of connecting and amplifying conversations.

The first stage was conceptual and the second was the roll out, and in the end Kokoro receievd a globally distinctive brand identity to carry them into their next chapter. From working with Passionfruit and Cosmo, Kokoro won silver in Creativepool 2022 Annual awards for branding and social good.