Thesis Podcast
April 27, 2022

Ziv Reichert (Localglobe)

For many founders, in a world full of noise, separating the thoughtful, value-add financiers from the “volume shops” is harder than ever before.

Thesis will enable founders to acquire a better understanding of what trends and companies are exciting to the people that might fund them.

This week, Raffi and Issah (co-founders of Passionfruit) are joined by Ziv Reichert.

Ziv Reichert (Localglobe)


Ziv Reichert is a partner at LocalGlobe, a London-based venture capital firm focused on seed investments. They’ve been backing ambitious founders since 1999 at places like Transferwise, Robinhood, Improbable, Graphcore and Cazoo.

Ziv’s recent investments include Cosmos Video, a virtual HQ platform for remote teams, community management platform Circle, romcom media company Meet Cute, and Katch, an app looking to kill the calendar and make connecting with people more ad-hoc and in the moment. Previously he led the product growth team at Fat Llama; a p2p marketplace for renting almost anything.

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