Thesis Podcast
April 20, 2022

Megha Prakash (Forward Partners)

For many founders, in a world full of noise, separating the  thoughtful,  value-add financiers from the “volume shops” is harder than  ever  before.

Thesis will enable founders to acquire a better understanding of what  trends and companies are exciting to the people that might fund them.

This week, Raffi and Issah (co-founders of Passionfruit) are joined by Megha Prakash.

Megha Prakash (Forward Partners)


Megha Prakash is an investor at Forward Partners: a London-based VC providing capital combined with a team of dedicated experts to grow startup businesses at lightning speed.

Their unique approach is helping build the UK's next generation of Applied AI, e-commerce and marketplace businesses like Koru Kids, Patch Plants and Gravity Sketch.

She was previously co-founder and CEO of Earthmiles: a company on a mission to help people improve well-being with a combination of behavioural psychology and analytics with platforms targeting both consumers and businesses.

Prior to that, Megha worked for several years in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs in their New York and London offices, and spent most of her time working on tech transactions - M&As, IPOs, financings etc. Megha graduated from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore with an MBA.

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