Thesis Podcast
April 13, 2022

Lucy Clarke (Octopus Ventures)

For many founders, in a world full of noise, separating the  thoughtful, value-add financiers from the “volume shops” is harder than  ever before.

Thesis will enable founders to acquire a better understanding of what trends and companies are exciting to the people that might fund them.

This week, Raffi and Issah (co-founders of Passionfruit) are joined by Lucy Clarke.

Lucy Clarke (Octopus Ventures)


Lucy Clarke is an investor at Octopus Ventures: a fund whose mission is to help pioneers change the world. Their investment team is built to specialise in the five areas they believe will change the world for the better: health, fintech, deep tech, consumer and B2B Software.

With £1.7 billion under management and investing over £200m a year, Octopus Ventures is one of the largest and most active venture investors in Europe.

Typical investment is from £1 million for Seed to £10 million for Series B with the ability to fund the companies backed right through to IPO. Octopus Ventures has invested in the founding teams of over 120 companies including Zoopla, Secret Escapes,, Depop and Cazoo, and Lucy herself is a board observer at circular tech leasing platform Raylo.

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