Thesis Podcast
March 29, 2022

Kate McGinn (Seedcamp)

For many founders, in a world full of noise, separating the thoughtful, value-add financiers from the “volume shops” is harder than ever before.

Thesis will enable founders to acquire a better understanding of what trends and companies are exciting to the people that might fund them.

This week we're joined by Kate McGinn: an analyst at Seedcamp, one of Europe's most renowned early stage funds. They invest early in world-class founders and their portfolio companies include listed UiPath, and unicorns Revolut and Hopin.

Kate McGinn (Seedcamp)


Kate graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in finance and, prior to joining Seedcamp, she was a Fulbright scholar in Budapest as well as an intern at Summit Partners in Palo Alto.

Having grown up in Heidelberg and Washington D.C., she’s a native German, Hungarian and English speaker. When you’ve finished this pod, we recommend listening to Kate’s own podcasts, particularly one from her Urban Arena series on social entrepreneurship in the African diaspora.

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