Thesis Podcast
April 5, 2022

Henrik Wetter Sanchez (Playfair Capital)

For many founders, in a world full of noise, separating the thoughtful, value-add financiers from the “volume shops” is harder than ever before.

Thesis will enable founders to acquire a better understanding of what trends and companies are exciting to the people that might fund them.

This week, Raffi and Issah (co-founders of Passionfruit) are joined by Henrik Wetter Sanchez.

Henrik Wetter Sanchez (Playfair Capital)


Henrik is a Principal at Playfair Capital; a VC firm helping ambitious and exceptional entrepreneurs build brilliant technology businesses since 2013. They’ve backed the founders of more than 60 companies including Omnipresent, Thought Machine and Trouva.

Henrik is a board member at Recycleye, Worldr, Protex AI, Koala, Cauldron and Learnerbly and pre-Playfair founded and launched both a social navigation and discovery platform called RendezVu (which grew to over a thousand global users) and an access-led tutoring marketplace.

He also helped found Playfair's D&I initiative: Female Founder Office Hours and now runs it with the team. He was recently shortlisted in Sifted's Top 30 Young Venture Capitalists list.

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